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2016 Summer Institutes Hosted Statewide

March 14, 2016

In keeping with the outreach and local impact aims of Write for Texas, the 27 current project sites will each host a 2016 Summer Institute in their respective regions.  Coaches and other project staff are preparing professional development sessions tailored to the specific needs of educators in the areas they serve. Regional Institutes will target a variety of audiences, with most sites inviting teachers and administrators from designated Write for Texas campuses, and some with the capacity to extend support to past and future participating districts as well. 

While the decentralization of summer institutes means that the timing and format of offerings will vary, each shares the common basis of Write for Texas guiding principles.  As well, the Write for Texas 2016 Summer Institute features a 45-minute video presentation by author and nationally recognized writing expert, Jeff Anderson.  Mr. Anderson’s address focuses on general practices to integrate writing across the curriculum, and highlights easy-to-implement classroom strategies and activities to enhance student writing. 


Please visit the Events page for more information on specific institutes.