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Guiding Principles plus Best Practices add up to Impact

April 27, 2016

As students count down the number of days until summer, Write for Texas staff are counting on the summer months to make a big impact on professional learning.

Charged by TEA with the mission of improving writing instruction at the classroom level, Write for Texas is, by design, a decentralized effort to impact the quality of writing instruction.  Since 2014, the project has established a force of over 100 dedicated writing coaches in 27 regional sites statewide. 

Annual events in the past have brought project participants together in Austin for development activities featuring presentations by writing experts, the collection of Write for Texas online resources, and demonstration lessons by project participants.  But this summer, in keeping with outreach objectives, institutes were placed in the hands of regional staff, who welcomed the opportunity to design and implement professional learning tailored to the needs of the educators they serve. 

As part of the localizing effort, project staff engaged in a collaborative, facilitated planning process that resulted in the generation of  “best practices” in professional development.  Sites then applied these practices along with the Guiding Principles of Effective Writing Instruction to design summer institutes that support learning across the state.    


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