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Texas Adolescent Literacy Academy Tiers II & III

TALA Units 4-7

The Online Texas Adolescent Literacy Academies (TALA) prepare middle school teachers to design appropriate instruction for all students, including those who struggle with reading due to limited English proficiency, learning disabilities, dyslexia, and other risk factors for reading difficulties. TALA Tiers II & III is designed specifically for grades 6-8 English language arts and reading teachers.  It includes instructions for administering the Texas Middle School Fluency Assessment (TMSFA) as well as a link to download materials.  Results are used to provide intensive interventions for struggling adolescent readers. 


Participants who successfully complete all units are eligible for 10 continuing professional education (CPE) credits.


Link to TALA units 4-7 course



Texas Middle School Fluency Assessment

For educators needing training and materials to administer the TMSFA only (Unit 4 of TALA Tiers II & III):

This course details how to score and interpret the results of the Texas Middle School Fluency Assessment (TMSFA). Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate with a link to download the TMSFA materials to administer and score the assessment. This course is Unit 4 of the Texas Adolescent Literacy Academies. It is provided as a stand-alone course for those educators wishing to administer and interpret results from the TMSFA.


Link to TMSFA training