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Using Reading and Writing to Support Learning

These resources present instructional writing and reading practices that support the content-area learning of adolescent learners. Strong reading, writing, and thinking skills are essential for success in school, the workplace, and life. Yet, many adolescents lack even the basic literacy skills to be successful. Merging writing and reading strategies with content learning not only strengthens students' literacy skills, but also maximizes and reinforces content acquisition. When students have multiple opportunities, with support and guidance, to write and read in all content-area classes on a daily basis, they take part in instruction that allows them: "a chance to take a breath, pull their thoughts together, reflect on their thinking, and appraise their own level of understanding" (Daniels, Zemelman, Steineke, 2007, p. 29).

Click the links below to view the individual resources of this series in the Texas Gateway. The resources can be viewed as a single binder here.

Standards and Instruction

Reading Like a Writer: Text Types

Using Features of Literary and Informational Text to Guide Reading

Thinking Like an Expert: Teacher Modeling and Thinking Aloud


The Online Resource Companion Workbook contains the complete set of handouts referenced in the series of resources above.  The workbook is to be used in conjunction with the resources to support and enhance the learning of participants as they work through the series. It is available for download by clicking the button below.

Using Reading and Writing to Support Learning Online Resource Companion Workbook


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